On-Chain Reputation

On-Chain Reputation

On-chain Reputation is a type of credential, essentially composed of smart contracts. The core contract can be an ERC-721 NFT, an ERC-20 Token, or another type of token. It can be written in any mainstream programming language and deployed on any mainstream blockchain, all of which Tako can support.

How does it work

The simplest form of On-Chain Reputation is to implement an ERC-721 NFT contract. If you have the Social Protocol or a Social APP, you can collaborate with Tako.

Tako will integrate your On-Chain Reputation Token and also support users in connecting to your protocol or app through Tako Connect. Tako is inclusive, open, and composable, allowing your protocol or app to seamlessly interact with Tako through On-Chain Reputation. When users mint On-Chain Reputation Tokens, they can receive incentives or support for engaging in more advanced social interactions and transactional behaviors.

Of course, this is the simplest practice; connecting with Tako can spark a variety of diverse ideas.

Development Resource

Tako's infrastructure is nearing completion. Please stay tuned for updates on Tako, including API, SDK, Contract, and more, which will be promptly updated in the documentation. We look forward to developers making use of them

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