Social Abstract Account

Social Abstract Account

The Tako Account is a Social Abstract Account. It serves as a gateway to the social world. With an account and our flexible components, you can create a variety of social apps, or connect existing social accounts, including Farcaster, Lens, Twitter, and more, to your account. Tako will provide you with a smooth and easy way to explore the social sphere.


The account can be quickly created through (in developing). You will receive a Tako ID, with which you can set your profile picture, username, and other information.

Tako provides an easy way to claim a Farcaster Account, no manual operation required, Tako will automatically handle all complex transactions.

Alternatively, you can connect an existing Farcaster Account. When using the Tako Client(in developing) to access Farcaster, there is no need for complex or insecure operations such as importing wallet private keys; only an email is required.

The account registration is gradually being opened, and we cordially invite you to join our waitlist!

Development Resources

Tako's infrastructure is nearing completion. Please stay tuned for updates on Tako, including API, SDK, Contract, and more, which will be promptly updated in the documentation. We look forward to developers making use of them

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