API Overview

Based on Optimistic Mainnet


2. How To Use

For GET Method API

Assume you will use the API GetLensCuratorAccepted. Its route is "/v2/lens/curator/accepted".

The first step you should compose the base link with the API route:


Please refer to the API documentation for specific parameters and requirements.

Now, you can request the full link using JavaScript, Python, cURL, etc. Then, you will receive a response from the Tako server.

For POST method API

Like the GET method, you must pass the parameters in the request body as application/json.

3. Rate Limit

The cumulative number of API accesses from the same IP address should not exceed 60 times per minute.

4. Request Format

  • GET method: All parameters are included in the URL.

  • POST method: All parameters are formatted as JSON data and put in the request body.

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