The docs will show you all the exposed APIs, how to use them, and what they will return.

⚠️ WARNING: The Tako API and SDK is currently in beta version, so we may update it anytime and will not forward compatibility without warning or notice. Please exercise caution when using it. Once production is ready, we will remove the beta warning and issue an official announcement. After that, we arbitrarily ensure there are only changes if a significant difference to Tako itself is required.

We still use RESTful API because it is easy to start, but we also consider GraphQL, and you can use it in the future version.

Tako protocol has many technical points and needs to manage various data, and our backend does all the work for you. We have done many optimizations for fast fetching, and you will feel smooth when accessing the APIs.

We will continue working on APIs, including developing and improving old ones. Your applications will inherit all the improvements by using Tako APIs.

We hope you like it, and any feedback you have is hugely welcome.


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